Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Photos Galore!

Lots of photos were taken during the four weeks of COSMOS.  You can find the photo gallery of pictures at  You should not need a Shutterfly account to view the pictures.

Week 4 photos will be posted at the conclusion of COSMOS.


Last week we had a guest lecturer, Professor Bewley.  Details about the lecture were stated in our newsletter.  Here's a little video about MiP.  Maybe we'll find him in a wrapped present for us for our birthday or holiday!

Our "Walking" Robots

The goal for our last Arduino lab - create a walking robot.  We learned a lot during our trial and error and the difference between theory and practice.  We would get our servos to work and do what we wanted, or so we thought.  Once we got everything glued together, it didn't exactly work the way we thought.  It was a challenge and we walked away with varying levels of success.  Here are some of our videos.

Yannan and Kevin

Yannan and Kevin

Sam V. and Colby

Colby and Sam V.

Tiffany and Casey

Megan and Sam C.

Megan and Sam C.

Kelvin, Angela and Aaron

Kelvin, Angela and Aaron

Anjali and Emma - with an obstacle

Anjali and Emma

Rachel and Bill

Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 3 Demos

We've had a busy third week!  Between the COSMOS Advisory Board visiting UCSD and touring our cluster (they only visited three) and our Arduino projects, it's been fun!  Our first Arduino project was to build a musical instrument.  Below are links to our demos!

Casey and Angela

Sam V. and Rachel (1 of 2)

Sam V. and Rachel (Part 2 of 2)

The other videos will be up soon (if we can take care of technical issues with them)!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Qualcomm Visit and the Thinkabit Lab

On Tuesday, we had our field trip to Qualcomm.  One of the highlights was getting the chance to do some hands-on activities with parts that Qualcomm engineers get to play with.  We had just over an hour to make something with one servo.  Below are a gallery of videos of what we came up with!
 Colby and Nick - Work in progress

Colby and Nick - Final

Aaron and Sam - Work in progress

Aaron and Sam - Final

Bill and Kent -Work in progress

Bill and Kent - Final

Casey and Sam V. - Final

Angela and Rachel - Final

Yannan and Michelle - Final

Emma and Tiffany - Final

Megan, Anjali and Elaine - Final

Kelvin and Kevin

Monday, July 14, 2014

Scribbler Dance Off

This past Friday we had our first chance to work with Scribblers.  After learning some Python and Myro commands for our Scribblers we were challenged to make our Scribblers dance - by the end of lab.  In just a few hours, we learned a lot of Scribblers and got them to dance.  Bill and Aaron won the "People's Choice Award" for their dance!  Below are our videos.

Kelvin and Elaine

Sam V. and Yannan

Angela, Megan and Nicholas

Rachel and Colby

Emma and Kent

Michelle and Tiffany

Aaron and Bill

Anjali and Casey

Kevin and Sam C.

The big "Dance Off" - everyone's Scribbler dancing at once!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The first Friday of COSMOS is COSMOlympics.  COSMOlympics is comprised of several events: skit and cheer, hula hoop challenge, relay race, and trivia challenge.  It was a lot of fun to watch everyone's skit since we work hard all week on it.  We are especially proud of our skit (we came up with our own "rap battles" for it) and that we placed FIRST in the trivia challenge!  Below you'll find some clips from our participation in events.
Our skit!

Our cheer/chant!

The Hula Hoop Challenge - 18 of us pass a hula hoop from the front of the chain to the end without letting go of each other's hands.

Relay Race - Bat spin, "blind fold" run, wheelbarrow race and pop the balloon.